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Mérida is one of the cities in Mexico where you can breathe tranquility day by day.
The beauty of its streets makes it a place of elegance as it contrasts with its colonial houses and Mayan archaeological sites; It also has an exquisite gastronomic heritage that will take over your taste.

This beautiful city is located less than 50 km from the Gulf of Mexico, in the northwestern part of the State of Yucatán, borders to the east with Quintana Roo, to the west with Campeche and to the north with the Gulf of Mexico.

Yucatan has a very flat topography and is located very close to the sea level so its natural jewels seem to never end.

 The state offers several beaches that steal the heart.

Cenotes abound throughout the peninsula, a term that is only used in Mexico and that comes from the Mayan word «dzonot», which means «abyss»; they are freshwater wells created by the erosion of limestone, soft and porous.

Diving and exploring these fabulous and mysterious cenotes and their hidden rivers is one of the most exciting experiences that can only be enjoyed in this part of the world.

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