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We are part of a medical group with more than 15 years of experience in terms of high specialty surgeries.

We work with the most important and prestigious hospitals in the country, we’re partner with the manufactures of implants which allows us to choose the most appropriate technologies best suited to our clients unique needs. These advanced products are in compliance with the health and safety standards required by the general regulations and guidelines under law.

We also have strategic alliances with hotels and other properties based on our patient’s needs. Please let us know what your requests might be.

These facilities comply with the safety, quality, health and hygiene standards our clients would expect. Our facilities meet the new norms and protocols that are currently required. All this in order to ensure a secure environment, and that our patients are as safe and well taken care of as if they were home.


  • This content is not intended to replace any professional medical recommendation in any way.
  • As a patient, a health professional should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.

Hospital Facilities:


 Hotels in agreement: